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New Course: Violin Lessons with Alicia Kiah Cantalupo

About the Instructor:

Alicia Kiah Cantalupo, native of Bethlehem, PA chose to begin playing violin at the age of 4 to emulate her older sister. At the age of 17, she entered the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University. At the Peabody Conservatory, Alicia was awarded the Melissa Tiller Memorial Violin award for excellence in String Performance. While in Baltimore, Alicia worked with many professional symphonies such as The Lancaster Symphony, Mid-Atlantic Symphony and Annapolis Symphony. Alicia also is a composer of Violin and Vocal parts and works with numerous international producers. Her recordings have been published on Skrillex's music Label OWSLA. She has worked with artist Chalky on his debut album Looe; the track "Saké" was chosen by the Spotify team to be featured in a editorial playlist. Alicia also has done recordings for the company Occulus, and her playing was featured in a animated series called 'soda island'.

About the Course:

As your teacher, I hope to provide you resources to help discover what your personal journey will be with music. Every student is unique and has their own journey with their violin. I like to honor that journey and help push you in the right direction for self discovery! With a beginner, we would learn how to read music; how to physically play the violin; aurally train for pitch recognition; and continue to shape your intonation. For intermediate, we would develop those concepts more in depth with complexity. Advanced students would work on phrase structure and how to personally interpret music with applied tools of articulation and tone color development. I also can teach improvisation; composition; music history and talk about the rich repertoire that has been created for us by amazing composers!

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