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New Courses and New Partnership with The Shed: Embodied Ballet for 8-10 year olds & 11-13 year olds

Dance is powerful. It connects you to your physical self, to your mind, and to the world around you. With our Postballet approach, we use curiosity, imagination, and sensory-rich processes to feel more alive within and empowered towards life. Embodied Ballet is a movement class of imaginative play that promotes agency and achievement of ballet techniques. Unlike many other classes, our live streams are designed to not require kids to keep their eyes on the screen, allowing them to discover their own movement, play in their environment in a way that is deeply exploratory, and push the limits of what ballet can be.

With the guidance of a trained professional dancer with our company, these classes promote kids’ physical wellness, social-emotional development, and readiness to learn

  • Physical wellness—development of fine motor skills, a safe place to let loose and be active, development of creativity and problem-solving skills, mindfulness

  • Readiness to learn—a fun and focused break that fuels bodies and brains for the academic day

  • Social-emotional development—helps kids identify emotions, build relationships with themselves and their environment, develop mindful practices

Be curious with us; join our Embodied Ballet class.

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