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The Theater

Meet the new
Artistic Director
Judy Hamer

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the Academy of Performing Arts

“The Academy of Performing Arts is An innovative theatrical venue for hands-on learning, creativity, and entertainment for the Cape Cod Community.”

Core Values



We strive to embrace the full community around us, offering theater and classes geared toward all ages and backgrounds. We work as a community with much help from our neighbors as well as the theater community on Cape Cod. We will do our best to repay in kind through our programs of education and entertainment.


We work to be forthright in all we do. Through our open casting, diverse programming, and varied classes we hope to be transparent in our interactions. Theater is truth revealed on the stage. We work to be truthful behind the stage as well.


We are committed to presenting all our students and actors with opportunities to create in as many ways as possible. Creativity gives birth to intellectual thought, empathy, confidence, and excellence in performance. We strive every day to create.


At the foundation of the Academy of Performing Arts is the education of students of all ages seeking to further their skills in theater, music, dance, and as many design elements as we can. Since our inception in 1975, the Academy has been teaching all ages in the performing arts. Education is the root of all we do.

The Playhouse has a long history as a community theater and performance arts school.

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