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Little Devils 

6 short plays by the Helltown Players

Little Devils is the inaugural production of the Helltown Players. The plays – written by some of the organization’s trustees – are six short works that represent the amazing variety and quality of theatrical works written by Cape Cod playwrights. 


A collection of published award-winning plays as well as world premieres, each offers a unique worldview – entertaining, hilarious, inspiring, and heart-warming.


About the Plays…

Double D

Playwright: Jim Dalglish

Director: Jim Dalglish

Actors: Bonnie Fairbanks, Bill Salem (Provincetown), John Curtin (Orleans)

Mary is on her way to her impossibly thin step-sister’s engagement party, when she has a shoe emergency. Where the hell will she be able to find a pair of 12 Double E pumps at this time of night?

About the Play: Double D was originally written as an exercise for a playwriting class in Provincetown taught by Sinan Unel. It premiered as part of the 2004 Spring Playwright Festival at the Provincetown Theater. It won the Panelist Choice Award (among other awards) for a production directed by Lynda Sturner at the 2006 Turnip Play Festival at The Globe Theater in New York, NY. It was published in Smith & Krause’s Best 10-Minute Plays 2006 anthology.



A Twist of Lemon

Playwright: Lynda Sturner

Director: Jessica Ellis-Wilson

Actors: Fermin Rojas, Alison Blake


When Binnie from Park Avenue finds her first  love Joey – an actor/bartender living on Avenue C – will they be able to re-ignite an old flame?


About the Play: A Twist of Lemon was written for The  Provincetown Theater Lab, produced and directed by Margaret Van Sant. It began as a memory of  Lynda Sturner’s high school boyfriend in Buffalo, NY. However, she changed his name and altered the facts. A friend from Buffalo saw the play and  told her former boyfriend she had written a play about him. He was intrigued. 


Playwright: Gary Garrison

Director: Rebecca Berger 

Actors: Eden Allegretti, Peter Toto, and Katie Pentedemos


How can Pauley just want to sleep when her sickly father is discovered missing? Racing the clock, her best friend, Corin, has to find out before time runs out and something’s lost forever.


About the Play: Dump was originally written for the Neighborhood Playhouse in Manhattan as part of their A Train Plays Series. From that production, it was published in the A Train Anthologies by PlayScripts, Inc. An updated version of the text appeared in the Boston Theatre Marathon XII and from that production was performed at the New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts. Originally it was published in a collection of Garrison’s short plays, Verticals and Horizontals, for Original Play Publishing.


Playwright: Fermin Rojas

Director: Fermin Rojas

Actors: Eden Allegretti, Lauren Foster (Provincetown), Sallie Tighe (Orleans)


After receiving an unexpected call, Amari, a social media influencer, reluctantly agrees to a clandestine meeting with her nemesis, Rochelle, who says she has a proposal that can only be discussed in person.


About the Play: World Premiere Production! Fermin Rojas is a Cuban-born producer, filmmaker, actor, writer and co-founder of DKR Films. Based in Provincetown, DKR’s award-winning documentaries include Alumbrones, The Black Mambas and King Philip’s Belt : A Story of Wampum, which screened at The Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of the American Indian.


Playwright: Ian Ryan

Director: Ian Ryan

Actors: Wil Moser, Ian Ryan (Provincetown), Joanne Callum Powers (Orleans)


All Grace wants to do is travel home quietly with her son, but the world has changed and air travel is not what it used to be.


About the Play: Written as part of CapeRep Theatre’s Playwriting Lab, 19DEF was first showcased there in 2017, featuring Elizabeth Hanlon and James Sawyer and directed by the author.  The play was selected for the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival in 2020, unfortunately canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Playwright: Meryl Cohn

Director: Rebecca Berger 

Actors: Eden Allegretti, Wil Moser, Nicholas Dorr


Max is lying on his psychiatrist’s couch when a strange woman barges in. Will Max be able to keep his 10 a.m. appointment sacrosanct? Or will Dr. Brightstein succumb to the stranger’s agenda?


About the Play: First written for the Northampton 24-Hour Play Project in 2014, Triangulation was also produced at Boston Playwrights Theater the same year.

Same Plays / Two Venues 

The Provincetown Theater

238 Bradford Street

Provincetown, MA 02657

February 8 - 19, 2024

Thursdays - Saturdays at 7:30pm  •  Sundays at 2:00pm

Tickets: $10.00 - $40.00


The Academy of Performing Arts

120 Main Street

Orleans, MA 02653

February 29 - March 10, 2024

Thursdays - Saturdays at 7:30pm  •  Sundays at 2:00pm

Tickets: $10.00 - $40.00

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