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Intermediate Guitar with Ethan - Virtual & In Person

Intermediate Guitar with Ethan - Virtual & In Person


Small groups: Wednesdays 4-5pm  ALL AGES


Depending on your preference or genre of interest I can support and teach you at the level you are most comfortable with, while introducing you to more complex techniques and broad musical styles including Funk, Jazz, Blues, Neo Soul, R&B, Country, Finger styling, psychedelic, Rock, Pop, and Classical.  If you have interest in performing for an audience I will include strategies and advice on how to give each piece more appeal while we are learning it and how to develop your individual style and stage-manship.  If you are learning for your own personal enrichment and growth I can help you express yourself through music, encourage you to try new styles or become more adept at a style of your choosing. I look forward to working with students of all ages.

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