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Robin Hood

May 11, 2023 - May 28, 2023

This is a brand new adaptation by local playwright, Mark Roderick, that offers a fresh take on the beloved folk tale truly bringing the well-known characters to life in a whole new way. We begin in the once-idyllic English village of Nottingham. King Richard has been away fighting in the crusades, leaving in his absence the Sheriff in charge. Over time, the Sheriff’s tyrannical reign has sent the town into ruin and its people to suffer. Any who opposes his unjust rule is met with cruel punishments. The niece of the king, Maid Marion, remains one of the few who push back against the Sheriff, but even her efforts are not enough. Justice is soon taken into the hands of thieves led by the renowned Robin Hood as he robs the rich and gives back to the poor. However, can the efforts of him and his Merry Men be enough to stop the Sheriff and return Nottingham to its former glory?

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