"With the fabulously entertaining blend of old and truly new, this is the perfect show for younger and older generations to share together, one informing the other about some of their favorite Broadway musicals." - Cape Cod Chronicle, 3/11/2020

"The Academy’s tour of Broadway - past and present - is a simply soothing way to spend a winter’s eve." - Cape Cod Times 3/7/2020

"Academy’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ fun, festive retelling of old tale"

- Cape Cod Times, 10/5/19

"Academy's 'Sleepy Hollow' A Fall Favorite"

- The Cape Cod Chronicle, 10/9/19

"This bold and risky decision ultimately pays off well, with these young leads even going so far as to outshine the adults onstage."

- The Cape Cod Chronicle, 9/4/19

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